AAcapital assists you and your family to obtain your occupation and/or residence permits so that you can relocate in Mauritius.

You will be eligible for a residence permit upon purchase a villa under the Property Development Scheme (PDS). The investment shall be more than USD 375,000 or its equivalent in freely convertible foreign currency.

We help you to relocate and to take advantage of many fiscal, infrastructural, political, economical and other considerable advantages in Mauritius. Our team will make the application for occupation permits and/or residence permits on your behalf.

We have established very good relationships with property consultants, real estate developers and promoters around the island. This can be leveraged to find exquisite properties at good prices. AAcapital also assists you in the formation, structuring and administration of the most appropriate vehicle to acquire real estate in Mauritius should you wish to purchase the property through an entity.

Our dedicated staff will ensure that the application process is smooth and will act as facilitator with the local authorities and real estate consultants.

Occupation Permit

The residence permit and work permit has been combined into the Occupation Permit (OP) allowing you to work and to reside in Mauritius.

There are 3 categories of persons eligible for Occupation Permit in Mauritius:



The basic salary of the Professional should be at least MUR 60,000 under a contract of employment with the exception of a Professional in the ICT Sector whose basic salary should be exceeding MUR 30, 000.


A self-employed should make an initial investment of USD 35,000 or its equivalent in freely convertible foreign currency.

Residence Permit

A retired non-citizen aged 50 years or above and his dependents (spouse, common law partner, children under the age of 24, parents) may apply for a residence permit in Mauritius.

The retired non-citizen should make an initial transfer of USD 1,500 or its equivalent in freely convertible currency to his bank account in Mauritius. Thereafter, he should make a monthly transfer of at least USD 1,500 or an aggregate amount of at least USD 18,000 per year during the validity of the residence permit.

The residence permit is valid for 10 years.

Upon obtention of the residence permit, the retired non-citizen may invest or hold shares in a business. However, he should neither manage the business nor be employed or derive any salary from the business.

Permanent Residence Permit

The duration of the Permanent Residence Permit is 20 years.


Investor - Naturalisation

Commonwealth citizen - Naturalisation

Non-Commonwealth citizen - Naturalisation