Where the majority of the shares of a Mauritian domestic company is held by a foreigner, the company will only be permitted to conduct business in Mauritius. Such a company will be required to obtain a Global Business Licence if it conducts business predominantly outside Mauritius.

Same rate of corporate taxation applies for domestic company and Global Business Company.

A domestic company is not regulated by the Financial Services Commission of Mauritius unless it is operating in the financial services sector.

Type of company Domestic - Can be private or public
Applicable Law Companies Act 2001
Corporate Taxation 15%
Double Taxation Treaty Access Yes
Confidentiality No. Records are public and available online.
Stated Capital Minimum MUR 1
Currency MUR
Shares and Shareholders
Type Limited by share, guarantee, both by shares and guarantee
Foreign Shareholders Allowed
Minimum requirement One resident director
Registered Office
Requirement Should be in Mauritius
Company Secretary
Requirement Qualified and resident
Bank Account
Requirement Principal bank account in Mauritius
Currency MUR or foreign currencies
Board Meetings
Requirement Held and chaired in Mauritius
Requirement Annual Financial Summary if turnover less than MUR 50 million.
If turnover exceeds 50 million, audited financial statements required.
Annual Return Within 28 days of annual general meeting
Requirement Compulsory if turnover exceeds MUR 6 million Specific activities should compulsorily register for VAT irrespective of turnover
Trade Fee
Requirement Depends on business activity of company. Activities where the trade fee is less than MUR 5,000 are exempted from payment.
Company Incorporation Fees Depends on business activity of company.

MUR 3,000 for Private Company

MUR 13,500 for Public Company
Annual Company Registration Fees MUR 500 (Small Private Company: Turnover not exceeding MUR 10 million)

MUR 2,500 (Small Private Company: Turnover exceeding MUR 10 million)

MUR 9,000 (Private company: Turnover exceeding MUR 50 million)

MUR 13,500 (Public Company)